Alicante Weekend Trip

20160625_142031This weekend we made a weekend trip to Alicante to visit some of the friends we made during the Madrid tour who chose to study in Alicante. We took a night train there and back so we saved money by not needing to get a hotel for those two nights. It was also nice since we had plenty of time there. It was beautiful in Alicante and we went during the San Jose festival so the entire city was decorated and celebrating by lighting large Bonfires in the streets. The fire department is present so it completely safe. Alicante is more similar to the type of city you think of when you think of Spain. It is in the desert and is super hot. I really loved it there and it was so great seeing their city. I was finally able to wear some of the shorts I packed since San Sebastián is so much cooler. Alicante is also bigger so there are some bigger chain stores that San Sebastián doesn’t have. Although, San Sebastián does have one of the largest Zara’s in Spain. Alicante also has some beautiful beaches too. We spent almost a whole day on one of them. While I really enjoyed my time in Alicante I do not think I would have enjoyed a session there as much as I do in San Sebastián. San Sebastián is much easier to get around and Alicante was a little too hot for me. However the further in Spain you travel the nicer the locals are to tourists and they also have the flamenco dancing!


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