Paris weekend trip

This weekend me and a few of my friends from my program made a weekend trip to Paris! It was so beautiful there and extremely easy but to get around. The subway system is clearly labeled and they have a handy app that will tell you exactly which trains to take. The French are also super helpful if you happen to get lost. All the tourist attractions are close to each other so you can walk between them so we were able to see almost everything in a relatively short amount of time. The Lourve was beautiful and I could have spent an entire day in there. Saturday night we sat under the Eiffel Tower and ate cheese and bread and watched the sunset. After the sun goes down the tower does a light show sort of thing where is changes color and sparkles for about 15 minutes. One thing I wish I would have done though is bought the six euro card from my university showing that I am studying abroad because the admission to most of the important museums would have been free. Including the palace of Versailles which we went to on Sunday before our flight back. The palace was stunning and exceeds my expectations. However, be prepared for extremely long lines! The lines do move quickly though. All in all the weekend was amazing and I can’t wait to go back there some day.


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