June 11th

Today we went to the Pyrnees mountains on the border of France and Spain. They were absolutely beautiful! We went on an hour long hike which wasn’t too strenuous and had lunch at the cute cafe with the best lamb chops I have ever had. After we were done with lunch we visited the museum of witches which explained the history of the Spanish Inquisition. Following the museum we were able to see the actual caves of the witches and walk around. It was amazing getting to not only learn more about the history and culture of the country I am living in but also getting to see it for myself. To end the day we went to a working basque farm house. The family was so welcoming and truly wanted us to learn about their lives and family history. They showed us their farm animals and we held a lamb and dead some cows. Turns out cows do not have top teeth which is super interesting.
I am still amazed at how easily it is to make friends here the locals are very helpful and inviting. We are able to sign up for an intercambio through our program which is a local who you meet up with every so often to practice Spanish with. You help them with their English and they help you with your Spanish and it’s also nice since they are able to show you the hidden gems of the city and recommend places you normally wouldn’t go or try.


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