June 4th


Today we visited Gipuzkoa where we visited a traditional Basque farm house and learned about how the Basque used to make cider. We also went on a hike with a geologist to learn about the interesting geology of the coast. The coast is unique because of the tilted beds which reveal hundreds of billions of years of Earth’s history. The coast is also an extreme abnormality because none of the layers are interrupted or missing. The geologist taught us about how they figured out the extinction of the dinosaurs and what role this place played in it. It was absolutely stunning and extremely interesting to learn about. We also visited an old basque church where priests hid basque books and photos when Spain’s dictator ordered them to be destroyed. Spain is rich in so many things; culture, history, food, and landscape. Everyday I feel as though I am peeling back a new layer and uncovered a hidden gem. Everywhere I have visited has been beyond beautiful.

Making friends here is also much easier than expected. We all have several things in common and being in a foreign country really bonds a group. Everyone that I have met here has been extremely accepting and eager to make friends. I have known these people for only a few weeks but I feel as though they will be in my life long after we leave here. The teachers and administrators are also helpful and nice. They are locals to the city so they have great recommendations for things to see and do. I am so thankful for this experience already and would recommend it to everyone.



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