May 29th

20160528_144618Today we visited the city of Toledo which was once the capital of Spain and is called the city of three cultures because it is rich with Christian, Jewish, and moorish heritage. We first went to the cathedral which was absolutely stunning. I thought that the United States has beautiful churches but nothing can compare to that. It was extremely interesting because we were able to see three different styles throughout the church since it took over 250 years to complete. We were in Toledo during the corpus cristi so the entire city was decorated beautifully which only happens once a year so we felt pretty special.
We also saw El Greco’s painting “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz” which depicted the miracle of two saints coming from heaven to take the Count of Orgaz’s body to heaven. El Greco painted himself and his son into the picture which is considered to be well ahead of its time.
We also visited the Synagogue of Santa Maria la Blanca which is a synagogue that was built by the moorish and later turned into a church by the Christians showing even further the rich history of all three of Toledo. Our guide Elena also told us the reason the synagogue was turned into a church was because when the Christians took over Toledo they forced the Jewish to either convert or to leave. Toledo is rich in history and is nearly impossible to navigate without a guide. The city hasn’t changed much over the centuries and the streets remain extremely narrow and winding.


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