May 27th

We visited the museum of El Prado today. The museum was originally supposed to be a natural history museum but that never happened and it is now home to some of the world’s most famous classic paintings and sculptures.we were able to see many of El Greco’s masterpieces and how his art reflected his life. Towards the end of his life he became very depressed and that showed in the style to his paintings. The museum was home to only classical paintings and the modern paintings were held at the Reina Sofia which we were able to visit in the evening. We saw the works of Picasso. Both museums were exciting and Interesting to me since I had learned about several of the artists and paintings in a few of my classes back home.
As a group we went on a walking tour of Madrid. We saw several of the squares and plazas where we learned the history, importance, and meaning of the name of each one. My favorite was the Plaza Mayor. After that on elf my roommates and I went to the royal palace and took a tour. It was absolutely stunning. Every room’s ceiling was a masterpiece. It has Mazzini views of Madrid and it was very interesting to learn more about Spain’s history. Even though the palace is used only for ceremonial purposes these days and is not the residence of the Royal family. The a palace was so extravagant it was difficult to image one family living there.


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